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About Us

Welcome to Triple F GOS, formerly Feral Fields! We are Rachel and Frank Foster, and we are passionate about raising GOSA registered GOS pigs on our farm in Kansas. Our journey with raising pigs began with a desire to reduce our reliance on commercial meat production systems, but we quickly fell in love with these animals and became dedicated to preserving rare and uncommon breeds. The GOS pigs we raise are known for their gentle nature, maternal instincts, and their ability to thrive on small farms. They are also easy on fences, with less of a tendency to root compared to commercial breeds. Not to mention, their meat is flavorful and delicious. While they are classified as a lard pig, they do not put on excess weight as easily as Kunekune or American Guinea Hog breeds. By purchasing breeding stock from us, you are not only getting high-quality animals, but you are also contributing to the genetic diversity of this wonderful heritage breed. We believe the GOS is the perfect pig for small farms, and we are excited to share them with others.

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