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Pigs For Sale
We are expecting 8 litters this spring and early summer. We have a few due late April and early May, plus we do have some confirmed due dates for July:
"Avalon" and "Masha"(both Princess Joan) are due July 9th
"Nova"(Star Antoinette) is due July 10th 
"Lucinda"(Dolly) is due July 12th
Our "North Side Crew" is also available to the right home. That group consists of Gracie, a year old Princess Ann, Masha, our 2 year old Princess Joan, and Eko, a 3 year old DOS Sam boar. They are all really nice pigs and easy to get along with. The price for the group is 1800. We will also consider selling them as singles for 600 each.

Opal will also be available in June 2023 as a single for 600.


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