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GOSA registered breeding stock is 500. Older pigs' prices may vary. Feeders, when available, are 125, at eight to ten weeks. Older feeder pigs' prices vary due to age and size.

We require a 100 dollar non-refundable deposit to hold breeding gilts. 

We require a 200 dollar non-refundable deposit to hold boars.

Piglets leave our farm at eight weeks old, healthy, eating well, and ready to grow. We will no longer hold pigs past eight weeks without arrangements to pick up in place. If you have not picked up your piglet by ten weeks, we reserve the right to charge for the additional upkeep and feed. 

Regarding vet inspections for interstate travel: they are recommended, and we can arrange them for you, but the cost will be buyer's responsibility.

We will register your piglet within a month of purchase, but GOSA may take a few weeks to get them sent out. When in doubt, please reach out and ask if the registration was filed.

Pigs For Sale
We have two gilts and a sow available. You can find their photos and pedigrees under our "Breeding Females" page.

"Opal" is a Princess Ann, and she is 600. She has been exposed to Eko.

"Gracie" is a Princess Ann, and she is a proven sow. She had nine her first litter. She has been exposed to Eko for a second litter in June. She is 700.


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